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Toxic policies



CLIMATE DENIERS - Irresponsible corporations are set to butcher 240,000,000 million people between 2030 and 2050, if they carry on, "business as usual." Carcinogenic particulates will kill another 72,000,000 million people between 2022 and 2030. It's a world wide slaughter, so that oil and coal barons can get richer. But they'll need air conditioned houses and limousines to avoid cancer themselves, hence it is a bit of a suicide pact, working to sustain the fossil fuel industry.





Cities like Beijing, New York, Toroto, Paris and London, are dangerous places to live with carcinogenic particulates from public transport and cars. It will be possible to replace diesel powered vehicles with smart service stations that carry standardized battery (or hydrogen fuel cell) cartridges. Roughly 7-8 million people die every year as a result of lung cancer and related respiratory diseases. The rate for Covid 19 is 2.5 million people. That helps to give perspective to using fossil fuels. Perhaps, our vehicles should wear masks in crowded situations, like Covid precautions - and we should wear breathing apparatus when driving them.


The coal and oil lobbyists, known as climate deniers, know this, but continue to push for more exploration and build of electricity generating stations - even where they are in effect killing people by gassing them, contrary to Articles 3 and 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You might care to agree, they are no better than the Nazis in wartime Germany. Only, they stand to gas more people by carrying on "business as usual" than the brown shirt fascists. Around two hundred and forty million (240,000,000) humans between 2030 and 2050. If they do not mend their dirty habits.


The death toll could rise significantly, from 320 million by 2050, if those that die from heat stroke, starvation and thirst from displacement and desertification are included.





Poisonous politics




In 2021, China's Xi Jinping and India's Narendra Modi, have signaled their intention to step up coal burning, with Australia's Scott Morrison saying he'll keep on digging up coal for export. Making these 3 countries the worst of the Dirty Dozen. Russia's Vladimir Putin, is also in the running to kill his countrymen. Also an exporter of death, and 4th on the list of carcinogenic butchers.


Knowing their businesses kill people, makes them Climate Criminals, unless they use the profits made on the millions of deaths so far, to fund clean renewables, and phase out coal and oil as quickly as the implementation of a clean infrastructure will allow - to in some measure - atone for their sins.






It is no fault of Bozo, that Australia, China, India, Russia and USA have refused to cease using coal in the near future (2030- 2040), but they did sign the Glasgow Climate Pact.


Those countries with fossil fool policies are too entrenched in carcinogenic fuels to save around two hundred and forty 240,000,000 million lives from 2030 to 2050. This figure is based on current death statistics from lung cancer and related respiratory diseases, that are likely to rise as earth's temperature increases. This does not include projected deaths from heat stroke, starvation, thirst and displacement. 






Cars and aircraft being an example of things we now take for granted that pollute big time and cause lung cancer.


Sadly, we can. We did and we still are, even though we now know how dangerous our excesses are to other species - and we are also set for extinction if we do nothing to swap fossil fuels for clean renewable energy sources.








EXHAUST PIPES - The fumes from car exhausts kills us slowly when we burn it and release the carcinogens into the atmosphere to create smogs. We might as well be smoking. Before Zyklon B, the Germans gassed the inmates of concentration camps using the exhaust fumes from trucks. It is estimated that around 8 million people died in 2018 of cancer caused by vehicle pollution. That is three times the mortality rate of Covid 19.












Funerals for politicians who do not change





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