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JUST LIKE A GLASS BOWL - Radiation from the sun would be reflected out into space, but with more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere some radiated heat is absorbed and re-emitted back to earth just as if we lived in a greenhouse. The color green is now associated with being environmentally friendly. Coincidentally, green politicians are working to cool planet earth to reduce global warming.





Green-washing is where a government, organisation, business or individual person employs climate or environmental speak to make themselves appear environmentally friendly. Where being 'Green' or 'Eco' may:


1. Assist political candidates at election time, 

2. Help businesses to appeal to conservation minded shoppers, or 

3. Shine a favorable media spotlight on persons in the limelight, to appeal to audiences.


The term applies to misuse of the word, as in seeking to align with all things 'green,' but actually not conducting oneself wholeheartedly in 'green' terms. Hence, there is an element of deception or even fraud involved, especially when seeking investments from environmentally conscious investors.


This has nothing to do with the Greenhouse Gases linked with global warming.


The well known environmental activist Greta Thunberg has linked Green-Washing with "blah, blah, blah," as in all talk and no action politicians, such as the Dirty Dozen, Climate Criminals.


Giving a project the "green light" means letting it go ahead, again, nothing to do with 'greenwashing.'








SEAFORD - The Sussex downs pictured from Seaford Head. Copyright picture Climate Change Trust 2018. England, the United Kingdom, is an island, subject to flooding as more water enters that atmosphere, that would normally be trapped as polar ice.







On the 18 October 2021, UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak published a roadmap setting out the Treasury's new Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR). The requirements, which will affect asset managers, investment products and listed corporates, require firms to disclose the environmental impact of any activities they finance and "clearly justify any suitability claims [they] make".

Some key points in the report, entitled Greening Finance: A Roadmap to Sustainable Investing, include reporting environmental impact using the UK Green Taxonomy, timescales on SDR disclosures and the potential for ESG ratings agencies to come into the scope of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorisation and regulation.







LUNG CANCER - Fumes and particulates from car exhausts kills us slowly when we burn it and release the carcinogens into the atmosphere to create smogs. Electric vehicles don't have exhaust pipes and dedicated smart service stations can be used to load level between solar and wind generated, distributed electricity.













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