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The Climate Change Challenge is about providing affordable green renewable energy for everyone.

This is free energy you generate from home and the solution to fuel poverty around the world.

Climate Change meets Fuel Poverty

Climate Change represents probably the biggest challenge we face in our lifetime. We were the first organisation to link fuel poverty with climate change. Addressing fuel poverty tackles climate change.

The Latest Social Evil

Tackling climate change and the latest social evil fuel poverty at the same time is an ongoing challenge. Our Climate Change Challenge not only tackles climate change but fuel poverty too through energy efficiency and domestic renewable energy. You can help eradicate fuel poverty and endorse the need for free green renewable energy that you generate yourself by making a Pledge4REG™.

Long Term Solution

Clearly, the long term solution in fighting fuel poverty is good fuel / energy efficiency in the home and the the ability for everyone to generate their own free green energy using renewable energy resources. This will empower each and everyone of us to be responsible for our own energy needs.

Free Green Resources

Domestic renewable energy generation or micro generation as it is also called is the clear green solution to reducing the ever increasing energy costs and the depletion of world fossil fuel reserves. Whether it's utilising wind, solar or a new technology, the benefits are huge for everyone regardless of race, colour, creed or where you live in the world. Currently, renewable energy generation on a domestic micro generation scale is not affordable by everyone especially those in fuel poverty or energy poverty as it is known in other parts of the world.

About UK 8020

UK 8020, pronounced UK eighty twenty, is a Not for Profit Community Interest Company (UK 8020 CIC) and international social enterprise.

Community Interest Companies have their own government regulator and are registered at Companies House and are similar to charities. All profits are channeled back into the organisation to enable its objectives to be achieved.

UK 8020 was founded by Robert Lee to tackle Climate Change and also to help end global Fuel Poverty or energy poverty as it is known in some parts of the world.

The goals of the company are purely humanitarian and not politically motivated. It believes that change is made by empowering individuals and when ordinary people are given the correct incentives they can make a difference. It aims to help the most vulnerable in society by creating awareness and calling upon those more able to help.

UK 8020's Key Objectives Include

• To help ordinary people and the poorest in communities around the world to benefit the most

• To Help end fuel poverty (energy poverty) for the millions of (and rising) people globally and especially in the poorest communities

• To engage communities to understand that tackling climate change with incentives will save money

• To help people become more energy conscious and efficient

• To help create a new green industry through the invention of a renewable energy generator (REG). Jobs will include production, installation and maintenance jobs for millions of people globally.

• To help to prevent the needless deaths of thousands of senior citizens every year and to help identify communities most at risk

• To create an universal awareness in communities of fuel / energy poverty and those most at risk.

• To engage the public in a hands on humanitarian effort

• To empower communities to become passionate and involved in something that effects their very own communities

• To re-build caring communities by engaging community leaders

• To empower the very youngest in communities to help the most vulnerable such as their parents, elderly grandparents or friends

• To be a catalyst for creating inclusion not exclusion in communities. All creeds, races, genders will be included and asked to take an active role



Madonna is a climate change hero


Madonna as Patron - “I am delighted that Madonna is Patron to these wonderful humanitarian and life changing initiatives.

Madonna has become an icon of our time and is known virtually in every corner of the globe. I wonder whether there is another living person who can reach so many simply by using their first name.

Madonna is an inspiration to so many ordinary people throughout the world. She was not born with a “silver spoon” in her mouth, no, quite the opposite. This intelligent lady has honed her skills and used her talent to entertain and engage billions of people from all races, all creeds across all continents of the globe. She has shared her music and love for humanity with everyone she has encountered.

Madonna’s true humanitarian spirit goes unnoticed much of the time. Her contribution to mankind is not simply the happiness she has brought to so many through entertainment but the genuine and generous work she continues to thoughtfully undertake through Raising Malawi. Visit the Raising Malawi site and you will see what I mean

I believe her true humanitarian spirit helped her decide within two days of being contacted to lend her name as Patron to our Global causes. My gratitude and thanks go out to her for helping us make a difference to so many lives in the world.”

Robert Lee, Founder of UK 8020



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