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SUB SAHARAN AFRICA - Even where mains grid supplies exist, the locals cannot afford to use the web or pay for lighting for educational purposes.



If you've been banging your head against the wall trying to find a solution to a difficult problem, and no matter how much you throw at the issue, there seems no end in sight - you may want to call in an expert at lateral thinking, a person who comes up with novel solutions to present day challenges, will do the research and present options.


Sometimes it pays to have another set of eyes looking at a problem in overview, to get a different answer. Or if you don't yet have any plausible scenarios, you may get some very cost effectively.




We are developing solar and wind powered units based on converted vans and trucks. These are ideal for villages that are not connected to the grid or cannot afford the rental price of mains electricity including standing charges. They are also ideal for humanitarian aid projects.



USA Circular EV economics for sustainable clean motoring         



ECONOMICAL EV SERVICING - The key to operating electric vehicles efficiently is to manage your energy across the grid and reduce the cost of storage, coupled with a sympathetic delivery system that offers peace of mind to vehicle operators in place of range anxiety - most EV users suffer from at the moment.





We are at the dawn of a clean energy revolution in an age where reducing global warming is at emergency levels. Transport electrification may then be of paramount importance in any climate containment agenda that includes phasing out IC engined vehicles.


If you are an energy supply company, vehicle manufacturer or government agency looking for technological solutions as to how to implement an accelerated, economically viable, EV infrastructure in any geographical region, associated IP rights, advocacy on policy implementation, or inter-party negotiation, please contact the Climate Change Trust.





FLATPACKS - Factory built house delivered on trucks are erected in two weeks. Generally, Councils don't like affordable solutions like this where they are looking to increase income from taxation, but there is a move to sustainable development as policies change for the better.





In the UK we have an experienced planning consultant who has won a number of appeals to the secretary of state, especially concerning sustainable development and affordable mobile units.


We advocate eliminating the need to apply for planning permission for genuinely sustainable and affordable housing that is self build. This may be achieved by simply amending the General Permitted Development Order in the United Kingdom. Such units would be virtually off-grid in terms of electricity, to include the operation of a low carbon vehicle.





All reports, strategic solutions, IP acquisitions and policy negotiations will be the subject of Non-Disclosure Agreements at the outset.




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