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ZEWT HYDROGEN : This ship can travel up to 4000nm on hydrogen alone. We aim to build a visually stunning vessel that is capable of demonstrating ocean clean tech and set a few records into the bargain - to prove the point. The Elizabeth Swann is shown here with a wave piercing hull. She is of trimaran configuration and 44 meters long. We are in the process of sourcing solar panels and lithium batteries, and are closing on the construction phase.



Twin sails of the Energy Observer



SOLAR + HYDROGEN - The 'Energy Observer' is a floating laboratory, converted from an ocean racing yacht, powered by sails, to solar and sail power, with onboard hydrogen generation and storage, with a fuel cell to turn back into electricity for her motors. At present this little beauty is about 1 knot slower than PlanetSolar that crossed the Atlantic on solar power alone, but is the subject of ongoing development. She is not yet a ZEWT contender, as in commercial shipping, where 10 knots is the target speed. The collapsible sails contribute around 5% of propulsive force. The most interesting tech on the Observer, is the inclusion of hydrogen in the propulsion train. We don't think she has enough high pressure storage capacity to cross a major ocean on hydrogen alone.





JOIN US - We are building a consortium (Jet drives, Hydraulics), embracing complimentary partners (Hull fabrication, solar panels, batteries, shipboard robotics and Navigation AI). Please contact the Foundation with your interest. Commercial sponsors are welcome. There is as yet no solely hydrogen powered Atlantic record. Join us and be the first to pioneer a route to sustainable waterborne transport.






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