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HOW ARE THEY GETTING AWAY WITH IT - Extinction Rebellion are a group of peaceful protestors who don't appreciate policies that cause global warming. Councils in England should take note and start to behave themselves, or they have meetings attended by peaceful protestors. Have you notice how Parish councils hate the public being present. The same applies to most planning meetings. They don't want you to see what goes on.



Planet Earth is an extraordinary place where life has blossomed against all odds, but where the inhabitants are doing their best to defy nature.


It has taken millions of years for man to evolve into an intelligent animal and learn a little about planet earth to be able to exploit it. It will take just a few more years for us to fry the planet we live on even though we know that the Moon and Mars are not habitable, nor are any of the other planets in our solar system. How smart is that?




2015 - Protestors at the Paris Conference of the Parties - where it appeared that progress was being made, until everyone realised the Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had no intention of putting on the brakes to slow global warming.



We've already fried hundreds of species that are now extinct because we allowed our world leaders to make decisions they were not qualified to make. They are not scientists, so should have listened to the experts, read the reports and studied the stats.


Clearly, money makes politicians deaf and dumb when urging restraint.


The present leadership arrangements are questionable where their growth policies are steering us to an abrupt end. Sustainable development is the answer, where mismanaged growth is replaced by efficient technology that will allow a return to those pre-warming days of yesteryear.



A zone free of sustainable housing for wealthy landlords to make big profits


SHOW US YOUR SUSTAINABLE HOUSES - This area of England can't, because they have not built any. You won't get planning consent in this area of Sussex for low cost housing, because there is no profit in that. It's all about money in this kleptocratic regime. What is happening here is happening on your doorstep. All local authorities are the same. Meet one and you've met them all.


Total transparency is the key to undermining corrupt councils, with harsh penalties for crooked officials and politicians. At the moment they have total immunity from prosecution in Sussex, as an example of the level of corruption you can expect in England, once part of the European Union. It's time to reel in the rope that we have given local politicians, before they hang all of us.



Don't fuck up our planet



Hardly any wonder that citizens of the doomed planet A are protesting in the hope of salvation for their children, in the knowledge that there is no reserve planet B. There are no second chances for the species that we have murdered, and we are next.

CLIMATE OSTRICHES - A typical politician is unable to make any decision concerning science. They are gamblers that choose options as though it did not matter. Hence, we have global warming. There is no option if we are to survive.







EMPIRE BUILDING - The problem with empires is that they do not last. Their builders always lose sight of the natural limitations that have governed the evolution and ecological balance of planet earth for millions of years before man came along and thought he knew better.



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