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The nodding donkey is a symbol of greed and pollution



IT KILLS THEM GETTING IT OUT - Drilling and pumping oil is a messy occupation playing with carcinogenic fluids, that traditionally makes millionaires of those prospectors. Hence the name "Black Gold" and "Texas Tea." Years ago oil prospecting was respectable, today those investing in oil companies are deemed by many to be climate criminals - because it kills us when we burn it. Thus, investing in oil is investing in cancer, death and suffering.


You may still earn a few bob from fossil fools to leave to your children, but what is the point if they die young of respiratory disease? Why not invest in clean tech and leave them a cleaner planet to enjoy their inheritance.







Myron Ebel - Lobbyist and Climate Denier @ the Competitive Enterprise Institute in 2015.


Vanity Fair described Myron Ebell as a "policy analyst, soundbite artist, and oil-industry mouthpiece." He is (or was) director of the Center of Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) which opposes a global climate deal on principle.

He also chairs the Cooler Heads Coalition, a group of over two dozen non-profit organisations formed in 1997 that claims to, "question global warming alarmism and oppose energy rationing policies."

CEI is a central component of a network of US think tanks that have thrived on money from the fossil fuel industry, and the tobacco industry before it. Hence, he is into smoke. No matter where it comes from, he stands ready to defend the right of every citizen to inhale a lungful of air with more content.


Between 1998 and 2005, CEI received just over $2 million from ExxonMobil, taking $405,000 dollars in 2002 and $270,000 in 2005.

No mention of lung cancer, clean cars or clean shipping by way of contrast. But why would anyone object to clean cars, electricity and zero emission ships, unless, as alleged, there was a money motive to spread confusion to make oil investors feel more comfortable?







The benefits sustainable energy to mankind, land and marine animals are manifold. Think of all those islanders being displaced by melting arctic ice, raising sea levels. Ho would Marc like it, if it was his home on the line! And what about all the forest fires burning houses to the ground. Why take a chance Marc? Why not plant more trees, instead of cutting natures filtration system down.

ExxonMobil is publicly known as one of the first oil conglomerates to know about and deny climate change. They are known to have made contributions to Mr Morano's denial organization.


Hence, Exxon are climate Nazis, but their controlling mind is not quite the equivalent of Adolf Hitler, when looking at the broader picture. Because, it was the world's policy makers that allowed Exxon to practice their black art







G20 abusers will say they had no choice. They needed to keep burning coal, gas and oil for their economies - just like the camp guards at the many concentration camps, they were forced into business as usual - in the case of the camp guards, they argued they were just following orders. But that is not true. We all have choices. There are clean alternatives, such as solar and wind power. There is no need to keep building coal fired electricity generating stations, and no need to drive carcinogenic petrol or diesel vehicles that contribute to lung cancer. We have hydrogen fuel cells, electrolyzers and zero emission electric vehicles.






Hydrogen electric vehicles, chicken and egg situation



ADDICTED TO OIL - Oil and coal deposits are the Banks of Death for cowardly administrations, who it appears, refuse to even try to to fix the climate, for fear of the unknown, and reduced party political contributions. Are they Chicken?







Oil fools, Saudi Arabia and Donald Trump



CANCER KINGS - At the Paris talks in 2015 the United States joined three petro-states - Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait - to water down the UN’s commitment to a scientific report that examined the damaging global effects of 1.5 degrees of Celsius. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman described Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United States as “a new axis of evil.”

In 2009 Saudi Arabia tried to argue it deserved compensation for its oil as the world moves off fossil fuels, and while that request was a non-starter. Copenhagen ultimately produced a weak deal that failed to bridge old divides between historically large polluters and relative newcomers like China and India.














Trump smog emissions fossil fuel addiction increases global warming



CANCER KINGS - The oil barons know about cancer victims dying of lung cancer from carcinogenic and particulate vehicle exhausts, as they reap export dollars in return. They had/have a duty to their fellow man, abandoned to keep the $dollars rolling in. Cash for lives. Climate butchers.





Benjamin Sporton

Charles Koch

Darren Woods

Fiona Wild
Marc Morano

Myron Ebel






MOBILE GAS CHAMBERS - The oil barons know about cancer victims dying of lung cancer from carcinogenic and particulate vehicle exhausts, as they reap export dollars in return. During the Second World War, concentration camp guards used petrol and diesel truck exhausts to gas prisoners, before Zyklon B.


The Nazis began experimenting with poison gas for the purpose of mass murder in late 1939 with the killing of mental patients (“euthanasia”). A Nazi euphemism, “euthanasia” referred to the systematic killing of those Germans whom the Nazis deemed “unworthy of life” because of mental illness or physical disability

One of several methods used was the gas van. Such vans were first deployed in 1940 in “Euthanasia” operations. Hitler delegated the “Euthanasia” operation to Reichsleiter Philip Bouhler, Dr. Karl Brandt, and several doctors of their choice. The targets were several German population groups: the mentally ill or retarded, the chronically ill, and criminals. At first, the murders were carried out in fixed, sealed chambers, into which carbon monoxide gas was pumped from metal canisters. In addition, some were killed by lethal injections and by shooting. Gas vans were first used in 1940, when Polish mentally ill children were locked in a sealed van and killed by carbon monoxide poisoning.

The gas van was invented and used by the Soviet secret police NKVD in the late 1930s during the Great Purge. It was later widely implemented as an extermination method in Nazi Germany to kill those the regime deemed enemies of the Third Reich, mostly Jews.

INVENTION AND USE IN THE SOVIET UNION - The gas van was invented in the Soviet Union in 1936, by Isay Berg, the head of the administrative and economic department of the NKVD of Moscow Oblast which suffocated batches of prisoners with engine fumes in a camouflaged bread van while on the drive out to the mass graves at Butovo, where the prisoners were subsequently buried. According to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, “I. D. Berg was ordered to carry out the decisions of the NKVD troika of Moscow Oblast, and Berg was carrying out this assignment: he was driving people to the executions by shooting. But, when in Moscow Oblast, there came to be three troikas having their sessions simultaneously, the executioners could not cope with the load. They hit upon a solution: to strip the victims naked, to tie them up, plug their mouths and throw them into a closed truck, disguised from the outside as a bread van. During transportation the fuel gases came into the truck, and when delivered to the farthest [execution] ditch the arrestees were already dead.” Berg denied being the inventor of the mobile gassing van.


COAL & OIL COMPANIES - In seeking to extend the use of fossil fuels, the world's oil, gas and coal companies, and the nations that continue to develop coal generation for so-called cheap energy, are turning the whole planet into one giant carcinogenic gas chamber.



















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