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BRITISH UNDERTAKERS PARTY - Former Mayor of London, Boris (the) Johnson's cabinet, are traders in death, sending tens of thousands of city dwellers to an early grave every year, in failing to clean up cities of particulate and petroleum smog's from ICE vehicles. The Prime Minister presides over the Conservative Party's funeral policies, as purveyors of ill health and NHS cuts, that effectively shorten the lives of the elderly and infirm, with prolonged waiting lists, designed to kill off patients through lack of treatment from long waiting lists. Their policies may thus be viewed as a state sanctioned eugenics programme of sorts. All geared to allowing the use of fossil fuels, as being cheap. When in terms of lives, burning coal, gas and oil is deadly.





In the UK and many other countries, health services are not properly geared up to deal with cancer victims and other diseases related to living in a fossil fuel smog.


The economics of most advanced and emerging countries is based on burning coal and oil derived fuels for heating, manufacturing and transport. These policies and the politicians promoting them, many backed by climate deniers, are killing people, sending them to an early grave in a subtle eugenics hidden agenda. Those who cannot afford private healthcare and clean energy for their electric cars and solar heated homes, die young.


Unfortunately, the policy makers did not factor in the additional health staff, doctors and hospitals to cater for the illnesses that fossil fool smog's cause.


Instead, they approved an agenda to hasten the demise of such patients, in generating long waiting lists - in the full knowledge that many/most of those with cancer and other health problems, would die, going to the grave early and so boosting the coffers of the treasury with death taxes, estate auctions and the like. That is one reason the Conquest Hospital in Hastings, England, is called the Compost.


Covid 19 came along to reveal the weaknesses in many nations' health services. Demonstrating that with just 30% more deaths from lung cancer, the system could not cope. The waiting list ploy could not disguise the lack of facilities, when put under the magnifying glass.


The obvious cure is a shift to renewables, as energy that is both clean and sustainable. A ban on Coal, Gas or Oil economics, in phased fashion, would have the effect of reducing the NHS load.


Another way of dealing with the cost of all those doctors and consultants, is to implement nationwide monitoring and diagnosis via miniature patient micro-chips and suitable data analysis algorithms. This would eliminate around half of the time spent by medical staff, monitoring the health of the nation. 


At the moment, our cities are poisonous streets of death, fueling the undertakers and funeral businesses. Our politicians are condoning cure (or rather a lack of) rather than prevention. Whereas, prevention is always better than cure.


They only reason 'undertaker politicians' are even talking about reducing emissions and increasing NHS funding via more taxes, is because they have to, with global warming being protested via marches and other activities. Politicians want to appear to be in touch using the latest buzz words as part of their greenwashing blah, blah, blah, agendas. But instead of taxing death treatment, they could go to the root of the cause, and tax fossil fuels, while at the same time, initiating the infrastructure to herald in the new age of hydrogen and electricity.


The latest Glasgow Climate Pact from COP 26 in 2021 spelled it out for us. Australia, China, India, Russia and the USA, are not going to stop using coal and oil to sustain and in many cases, actually want to increase use to grow their economies. We must then sharpen our anti global warming spears and attack the perpetrators of death, for COP27, COP28, COP29, etc.


We must stop the political undertakers, sending millions to an early grave.


As Greta Thunberg says: Blah, blah, blah. It's 'greenwash' smoke and mirrors, to get the same old faces re-elected and continue with corporate backing (political party contributions) from the degenerates in coal, gas and oil: Business as Usual, so long as the cash keeps flowing - they don't give a fig about the eugenics agendas that are supporting their super rich lifestyles.







Climate Nazi Xi Jinping criminal policies Chinese



Chinese President

Xi Jinping



Climate Nazi Joe Biden's American criminal policies



US President

Joe Biden



Ursula von der Leyen, Europe's Nazi climate criminal



EU President

Ursula von der Leyen



Narendra Modi is India's Nazi climate criminal



Indian PM

Narendra Modi



Vladimir Putin is Russian's Climate Change Nazi



Vladimir Putin 

Russian PM



Fumio Kishida is Japan's Nai climate criminal



Japanese PM

Fumio Kishida



Kim Boo-kuym is South Korea's Nazi climate criminal



Kim Boo-kuym

South Korean PM



Mohammed bin Salman is Saudi Arabia's Nazi climate criminal



Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi Arabian Ruler



Justin Trudeau, is Canada's Nazi climate criminal



Justin Trudeau

Canadian PM



Jair Bolsonaro, is Brazil's Nazi climate criminal



Jair Bolsonaro

Brazilian PM



Joko Widodo, is South Korea's Nazi climate criminal



Joko Widodo

Indonesian PM



Australian criminal climate Nazi policies Scott Morrison



Scott Morrison

Australian PM





Fortunately, there are some extremely clever and competent youngsters rising from the ranks of the concerned protestors. Our hope is that when they reach 18 they decide on a career in politics. We'll vote for them, and so will all the other activists and worried parents, who want pollution free air for their children to breathe.


Instead of spending $Millions on spin, the fossil fuel corporations should invest in hydrogen and electricity infrastructure to avoid seeing RED. Not tomorrow, right now. We need action not words.


Our next generations have a right to life and protection from inhumane treatment, where thousands are dying of hunger from desertification and displacement - and then there is lung cancer from breathing carcinogenic and particulate exhaust fumes.

The burning of fossil fuels by humans is the largest source of emissions of carbon dioxide, which is one of the greenhouse gases that contributes to global warming.











Europe spent €406 billion on importing fossil fuels in 2011 and €545 billion in 2012. In 2012 wind energy in Europe avoided €9.6 billion of fossil fuel costs. The International Energy Agency estimated 2017 global government fossil fuel subsidies to have been $300 billion. Why? When we have empty deserts just crying out for solar farms, to generate green hydrogen for all our transport needs.


Researchers found that attacks on “climate solutions” are also on the rise. People who want to delay action often argue that renewable energy can’t replace fossil fuels. They also say that climate policies will hurt working families, ruin the economy, and raise prices. Typically such arguments overlook how pollution from burning fossil fuels shortens lifespans and how climate-charged disasters like wildfires, flooding, and heat waves are already ruining people’s lives and costing billions. They tend to ignore estimates that the changing climate could cost the U.S. (for example) 10.5 percent of GDP by the end of the century.












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