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BOOMTOWN RATS - In Sussex, England, Eastbourne Borough Council are allowing hundreds of luxury houses to be built without any climate offset features. There are no charging points for EVs, no solar water heaters and no solar panels. The councillors and officers responsible for encouraging these builds are proud of their achievement, where they should hang their heads in shame. These units represent carbon emissions that in turn mean the deaths of millions of animals all over the world. This picture was taken in June of 2019



It's business as usual on your doorstep. Your local authority is empire building as if what they are doing does not affect climate change, when they are the root cause of complacency.


They all knew about Agenda 21 and the Kyoto Protocol. They all knew about the Paris Agreement. Yet they continue to murder species around the planet by allowing the build of houses and factories that have no climate change mitigation features. Governments are not preventing such abuses of authority, so condone the criminality.


Car manufacturers are doing the same and Governments have no plan for or statute in the pipeline to create an effective EV infrastructure, or to encourage adaptive design. Fast charging is not an efficient infrastructure for EVs and neither are hydrogen based fuel cells.


Now is not the time to mince words. We are in deep shit!







1. TRANSPORT: Phase out polluting vehicles. Government aims to end the sale of new petrol, and diesel vehicles by 2040 but have no infrastructure plan to support such ambition. Marine transport can be carbon neutral.


2. RENEWABLESRenewable energy should replace carbon-based fuels (coal, oil and gas) in our electricity, heating and transport.


3. HOUSING: On site micro or macro generation is the best option, starting with new build homes.


4. AGRICULTURE: We need trees to absorb carbon emissions from a growing population, flying, and to build new homes. Reducing food waste and promoting less energy intensive eating habits such as no meat Mondays.


5. INDUSTRY: Factories should be aiming for solar heating and onsite renewable energy generation.


6. POLITICS: - National governing bodies need to adopt policies to eliminate administrative wastages, to include scaling down spending on war machines, educating the public and supporting sustainable social policies that mesh with other cultures. We need an end to local empire building kleptocrats.







International policies are not working, confirming that politicians have consistently failed since 1995 to deal with global warming. One problem is complacency, the other is the G20s addiction to oil for: petroleum, diesel and heavy bunker fuels.



Extinction Rebellion


PROTESTS - Extinction Rebellion are a group of peaceful protestors who don't want mankind to die out like the Neanderthals, dinosaurs, and many other species that humans are killing today by burning fossil fuels combined with other nasty habits. The more people who stand up for change back to when we were stable; the more chance we have of preventing THE END of the world as we know it.




There is no PLANET B


So far with over twenty-four years of haggling the arctic ice is still melting - and faster than ever. No wonder so many high profile people and corporations are worried. The United Nations Conferences of the Parties have so far failed to respond with sufficient bite to have any slowing effect on climate change.



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