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We all make mistakes. But if the object of Insulate Britain is to cause disruption, to draw attention to their cause, they succeeded. In or view they may have gone slightly over the top in irritating drivers and causing a potential road hazard - so allowing the State to clamp down on them - and of course also generating quite a bit of press coverage, but it worked. There is nothing the media like more than covering protests that end in a high court battle. Hence, the mistake may have a silver lining, in forcing environment minister George Eustice, to engage with councils as to making provision in local plans, for a rolling stock of land for self-builds and housing associations to install timber flatpacks, for example. I should coco. Eustice is useless and Gove is a puppet politician, bouncing from one position to another - with no particular expertise to bring to the table. Hence, we have no movement on providing low cost zero emission housing. It's been like this for 40 years or more. And all it needs is a policy change, that the Conservatives will not introduce, for fear of upsetting the land owners who keep the party coffers topped up.


Flatpacks being low cost and sustainable as to the building materials used. But also something council's don't like, being in Band A, the lowest banding for taxation. And all they want is high council taxes for their overpaid executives, and pension payoffs (golden handshakes). There are also other benefits to granting planning consents, such as building favours that are almost untraceable as bribes. This is where no money changes hands, but where a bent planning officer might push through a planning permission by lying to a committee about the material factors (failure to advise), and subsequently, the planning officer or nominated person, gets a free garage or extension built. Other jollies include free holidays, that are not declared in their Register of Interests and Gifts.


There is no special policing of such matters, and local police are generally in on the scams. Refusing to investigate reported crimes to protect their council mates. That is Britain at the moment. A total lack of transparency. With councils masking accounts, and restricting access to information. Even deleting files, which amounts to tampering with evidence.







Insulate Britain's activists became martyrs almost overnight for their cause the moment they were sent to prison for their beliefs. The good news for Ben and the other eight activists, is that they will now get a grounding in how the justice system works. A bit of time behind bars is an ideal opportunity to research the law - especially human rights - and get to grips with a corrupt establishment that has so far failed to provide sustainable and affordable housing to combat climate change. They will find Her Majesty's prison system corrupt, to match our government. So, giving them the knowledge that it is not just our politicians who are bending the rules, but the Governors of our correctional institutions, who at times exhibit some of the traits of the Gestapo and FSB. Most UK prisons routinely violate human rights law, such as using razor wire atop perimeter fences, that is prohibited.


Be advised, that the State will use MAPPA, multi-agencies to monitor activists, using SLAPP actions and anti-terrorist laws to harass and generally make their lives miserable, until the victims of State bullying learn to resist efforts to quash freedom of thought and speech, more intelligently. Other measures include smear campaigns, typically searching computers, phones and other digital devices for sex downloads. They may even seek to entrap persistent protestors and activists to disarm them. It was Adolf Hitler who said: "To conquer a nation, first disarm them." Henry the Eighth was the role model for such dictators, passing laws that made his word law. Sound familiar? Vladimir Putin is not far behind, by all media accounts, allegedly.


The housing minister at the time of these events is Michael Gove. Boris Johnson's cabinet are climate criminals, rinsed through and through with blue-blooded corruption at typical levels, consistent with the level of corruption local actions groups allege for local authorities like Wealden District Council. They may be one of the worst offenders, but that are by no means alone. They are all at it, busy developing Greenfield sites with executive houses that fall far short of the net zero requirement if we are to meet our obligations under the Paris Agreement.







Insulate Britain might be described as the Suffragettes of climate protestors. All they want is some action to save the lives of children in the UK who will be so cold this winter, they might die. Energy and food poverty in England is a major problem. It's eat and freeze, of heat and suffer malnutrition. Meanwhile, ministers respond with more Blah, blah, blah, as Boris Johnson goes to Pepper Pig World for more clowning antics.


The good news for protestors, is that while in prison, they will be fed and kept warm. So, perhaps that is the answer. All the freezing and starving need to do is sit on a bridge with bill boards, and they will be housed for up to two years. It's better than freezing to death, and reminiscent of when poor people in England would steal a loaf of bread, to get themselves shipped to Australia, held to be a fresh start for those with a pioneering spirit.


The British government of the day soon closed that loophole, as they discovered that life in England was so bad, people would deliberately commit crimes to escape from their tyranny. So what has changed? Don't forget to take your children along, so they get fed and warmed at HMP's expense.


The only way to make an impact with corrupt politicians is to hit them in the wallet. That may force change, but only if it is cheaper to insulate the poor quality housing stock in the UK, rather than foot the prison bill.






SUFFRAGETTES - Modern day protestors are getting themselves noticed, much the same as the women's movement finally gave women the vote. But not after Scotland Yard had imprisoned and tortured dozens of women for their beliefs. According to the Human Rights Act 1998, everyone has the right to freedom of thought and expression, and to receive and impart information. So long as protests are peaceful, and do not interfere with the rights of others, such as (for example) not to impinge on any Road Traffic Act or other laws. The State may not arrest an activist, or the State will have violated the freedom of speech and expression of of the protestors who operate lawfully. In some situations, an injunction may be challenged and overturned if the State still refuses to provide suitable accommodation for its citizens. It could then be willful neglect of duty, or in the event of death, the equivalent of corporate manslaughter. We agree that the UK government are collectively climate criminals. It is up to the opposition parties to raise questions in the House, or stand down and make way for a new breed of politician. One who cares for the electorate and the planet.




BELFAST TELEGRAPH 22 NOVEMBER 2021 - Police arrest 124 Insulate Britain protesters over bridge blockades

A total of 124 Insulate Britain protesters were arrested over the blocking of two London bridges at the weekend, police have said.

The Metropolitan Police said on Monday that 30 people were held at Lambeth Bridge and another 94 at Vauxhall Cross near Vauxhall Bridge when the roads were blocked by demonstrators on Saturday.

Insulate Britain said the action was taken to deliberately break the legal ban on supporters blocking roads and causing traffic chaos.

The group has provoked anger among motorists with a series of stunts blocking motorways in recent months.

But it has insisted that its protests will continue “until the Government issues a meaningful statement to get on with the job of insulating Britain’s leaky homes”.

The High Court has so far issued five injunctions to prevent protesters from blocking roads.

They include four injunctions granted to National Highways, banning demonstrations on the M25, around the Port of Dover and on major roads around London, and one to Transport for London (TfL).

TfL was granted a civil banning order aimed at preventing protesters from obstructing traffic on some of the capital’s busiest roads.

Those who breach the injunctions could be found in contempt of court and face a maximum penalty of two years in prison or an unlimited fine.

Nine Insulate Britain activists have already been jailed after admitting taking part in a blockade at junction 25 of the M25 during the morning rush hour on October 8.

Further legal action is expected to be taken against protesters involved in similar demonstrations on October 27.







How has the government responded to the protests?

The government has taken out a number of court injunctions to try to prevent further action, and new powers targeting such protests have been announced.

These include four injunctions granted to National Highways, banning demonstrations on the M25, around the Port of Dover and on major roads around London, and one to Transport for London (TfL).

TfL was granted a civil banning order aimed at preventing protesters from blocking traffic on some of London's busiest roads.

Boris Johnson labelled Insulate Britain "irresponsible crusties" who have been "doing considerable damage to the economy".

Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer said while there was a place for direct action, Insulate Britain was "not necessarily always doing it in the most constructive way".

Insulate Britain defends its tactics, saying they are the most successful route to achieve mass change.

How is Insulate Britain related to Extinction Rebellion?

Insulate Britain is a much smaller UK-specific campaign group, although they share many goals and have used similar tactics.

It is supported by some members of Extinction Rebellion and its allied networks - although the groups are not officially integrated.




PA MEDIA 20 NOVEMBER 2021 - Jailed Insulate Britain activists told to pay half National Highways’ fees claim

Nine activists from Insulate Britain jailed for breaching High Court injunctions have been ordered to only pay half of National Highways’ “excessive” claim for legal costs, judges have ruled.

The protesters were sentenced on Wednesday after they admitted breaching an injunction by taking part in a blockade at junction 25 of the M25 during the morning rush hour on October 8.

Ana Heyatawin, 58, and Louis McKechnie, 20, were jailed for three months, while Ben Buse, 36, Roman Paluch-Machnik, 28, Oliver Rock, 41, Emma Smart, 44, Tim Speers, 36, and James Thomas, 47, received four-month sentences.

Ben Taylor, 37, was given a longer sentence of six months “to deter (him) from committing further breaches” after his submissions to the court on Tuesday were described by Dame Victoria Sharp as “inflammatory” and a “call to arms”.

The judge, sitting with Mr Justice Chamberlain, said there was no alternative to custodial sentences given that the group’s actions were so serious and they had made it clear they intended to further flout court orders.

Myriam Stacey QC, representing National Highways, previously said the legal costs of the contempt proceedings were just over £91,000 and she asked the court to order the protesters to pay.

But in a written judgment after the hearing, the two judges ruled while it was fair to get the jailed activists to pay some legal fees, National Highways’ claimed costs were “excessive”.







They found National Highways’ fees included sums for advice from two senior barristers, four junior barristers as well as extra fees for three barristers.

“Even bearing in mind the need to consider relatively extensive evidence… we consider that these costs were excessive,” Dame Victoria said.

The two judges also said it was not “reasonable” for three solicitors to attend the High Court hearing.

Dame Victoria and Mr Justice Chamberlain ordered each of the activists to pay £5,000 towards National Highways’ costs, making a total of £45,000.

“We would expect the claimant to enter into a dialogue with the defendants about how this liability is to be discharged,” the judges concluded.

Insulate Britain has said it intends to continue the protests, which have sparked anger among motorists and others affected by the blockades, until the Government agrees to insulate homes.

The High Court has so far issued five injunctions to prevent protesters from blocking roads.

They include four injunctions granted to National Highways, banning demonstrations on the M25, around the Port of Dover and on major roads around London, and one to Transport for London (TfL).

TfL was granted a civil banning order aimed at preventing protesters from obstructing traffic on some of the capital’s busiest roads.

Those who breach the injunctions could be found in contempt of court and face a maximum penalty of two years in prison or an unlimited fine.

Further committal proceedings are expected to be issued against other Insulate Britain protesters relating to protests on October 27.





FAIR COMMENT? - We are not sure the reference is baseless. There is an argument that the Human Rights we rely on today came about by way of recognition of a need for forward protections. This should not preclude backward references. Indeed, it was the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany and others between 1935-45 that has brought the word: "Nazi" or "Nazis" into common use as something exceptionally bad, nasty or wrong. Thus, such reference might legitimately be used, also as recognition of the suffering of the Holocaust persecutions, in a modern setting, without diminishing the suffering and cold, calculated executions.


This is so where around three hundred 300,000,000 million people are sure to be affected (killed by inhalation of toxic fumes) in the coming years, at the rate of 8,000,000 million a year based on current figures, if nothing is done to stop world leaders with ambitions of expansionism, much as Adolf Hitler dreamed of. Such kleptocratic ambitions based on accelerated use of fossil fuels, the very cause of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases, most prevalent in large towns and cities. We feel sure that anyone would agree, that dying from cancer is a terrible way to go, and exceptionally painful. In that China and India have both said they deliberately plan to expand their use of coal fired power stations, with Australia un-repentant as to supplying such fuel. And where there is an almost total lack of infrastructure for clean electric transportation, as a result of the failure of world leaders to act with due diligence, because of denier lobbying and political contributions. We think anyone can see that there are dangerous parallels that should not be ignored. On that basis, Insulate Britain did the right thing, in an admittedly less thought through way, with a lack of supporting argument perhaps. But then, most people will understand where they are coming from - once they realise what is actually unfolding on the world stage.





Insulate Britain today compared climate change inaction to letting the Nazis rise to power.

The eco group have caused chaos for motorists with a series of protests blocking roads across the country including the M25. And today the activists sparked a backlash for comparing climate change inaction to letting the Nazis rise to power in a now-deleted tweet.

The group posted on Twitter this morning: "Those who know and are silent now will be known as bystanders, just as those amongst the general population in Germany who were passive and indifferent to the rise of Nazi Germany and the escalating persecution that culminated in the Holocaust. #savelives."

However, the environmental group deleted the tweet just hours later.

They then posted: "Those who know and are silent now will be remembered as painfully and cruelly as those who ignored the horrors of Nazi Germany."

It comes after the Archbishop of Canterbury apologised for suggesting that failure to act at COP26 could be graver than leaders who ignored warnings about the Nazis in the 1930s. [Factually true, when comparing numbers and malice aforethought]

The tweet by Insulate Britain prompted criticism from the Campaign Against Antisemitism and the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

A Campaign Against Antisemitism spokesman told MailOnline: "Comparisons to Nazi Germany risk trivialising the suffering and murder of the six million men, women and children who died at the hands of that regime.

"Archbishop Welby did the right thing by issuing an unreserved apology.

"It is startling that Insulate Britain should double down on the comparison and baselessly reference the Holocaust, which was a deliberate and systematic genocide, entirely different from the perceived climate apathy which the fringe group is protesting.

"Insulate Britain will find that making such comparisons will not strengthen its cause."

Olivia Marks-Woldman, chief executive of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, added: "We are always disturbed when people invoke Holocaust imagery to gain support for their causes.

"We recognise that in some instances this is a well-meaning attempt to show a belief that a contemporary situation is on a par with the most appalling episode in our collective consciousness.

By Katie Harris









Insulate Britain (IB) are asking the Government to insulate Britain’s homes to save thousands of lives and prevent economic and social collapse.

Each year in the UK, hundreds of thousands of families are forced to choose between heating or eating, cold children or hungry children, and many 1000s die because they are too cold.

Insulating the homes of Britain will save lives and provide warm homes while pound for pound making the most effective contribution to reducing carbon and providing meaningful jobs. Insulating Britain is the levelling up agenda writ large.

Sir David King (the former Chief Scientist) has stated that “what we do in the next 3 to 4 years will impact the future of humanity”. The enormity of this statement takes some time to sink in - everything we value is at risk, schools, hospitals, law and order, ultimately all that we love.

Humanity is at a pivotal crossroads: accelerated human-caused global heating is threatening to destroy human civilisation unless urgent action is taken to rapidly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). The science is not disputed and now is the time to act. 

Improving the quality of our homes is fundamental to achieve the British Government’s climate change, fuel poverty and water reduction targets.

IB hoped that as the host of the global warming climate conference (COP26) in Glasgow in November 2021, the UK can take a strong leadership role by demonstrating real action. Instead, the UK is managed by a Cabinet of clowns, inept and toothless, as they pander to big business climate deniers. Worse, the Conservative Party is riddled with corruption, being caught out at every turn, the moment investigative reporters lift the bonnet to look under the hood. Each time they look, they find another MP with his hands in the till, or the pockets of big business - feathering their nests, instead of serving the public.










The UK has some 29 million homes and they are the oldest and least energy efficient housing stock in Europe. Every year vast amounts of precious energy are wasted in heating and, increasingly, cooling our buildings. 

In order to meet UK commitments under the Paris Agreement to stay below 1.5C, and legal obligations under the Climate Change Act 2008, as amended in 2019, emissions from heating and powering homes must be reduced by 78% in less than 15 years and then to zero by 2050. 

Nearly 15% of the UK’s total emissions comes from heating homes: an overhaul of the energy performance of the UK’s housing stock is needed to reduce the energy demand.

Retrofitting Shortfall 

The UK needs a nation-wide programme to upgrade almost every house. The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) 2018 report, Scaling Up Retro fit 2050, advises that nearly every home in the UK needs to be upgraded with energy efficiency measures. That is 1.5 homes per minute to the year 2050. 

Currently, the UK Government does not have a robust long-term national strategy with a funding mechanism in place to retrofit our homes.






Ben Taylor, 27, told the High Court on Tuesday if he is “not put in prison” for breaching an injunction banning disruptive protests on the nation’s roads, he will “go and block the motorway at the earliest opportunity and will continue to do so until the Government makes a meaningful statement and acts on it”.

He added: “If you send me away to prison, 10 people will step forward in my place. If you send each of us away, 100 people will step forward and take our places. If you send 100 of us away, 1,000 people will step forward to take our place.

“If you somehow manage to stop all non-violent protests, then things will only turn violent.”

On Tuesday, Mr Taylor was one of nine protesters who admitted being in breach of an injunction designed to prevent their road blockades. They are all facing a possible jail term for their part in a blockade of the M25 on October 8.

A former mountain guide from Manchester, who this year crowdfunded £1,500 to collect plastic whilst paddling, cycling and walking around the coast of the UK, Mr Taylor also took part in a protest on November 2 at junction six of the M56 near Manchester Airport and in Parliament Square, London, on November 4.

He shared musings and poetry about his journey on a blog, beginning in April and ending in July, including about the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which will introduce more restrictions on protests.

In a line from one poem, he said the Bill was “granting more power, to the abusers, the accusers, the no-excusers, the care free users, and those who step on the heads, of us poor losers”.

In one post from the summer, he said he was considering ending the trip “as soon as possible, and get[ing] involved with a much more direct project, and call the last two months a pretentious f------ holiday”.

His own address registered in court records is rated “D” for energy efficiency.






“This is an emergency and for emergency situations we need emergency action.” 

Ban Ki-Moon, Former UN Secretary-General

"The climate emergency is our third world war. Our lives and civilization as we know it are at stake, just as they were in the Second World War." 

Professor Joseph Stiglitz, Economist, recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

“Based on sober scientific analysis, we are deeply within a climate emergency state but people are not aware of it.” 

Professor Hans Schellnhuber, Founding Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

“There is sufficient evidence to draw the most fundamental of conclusions: now is the time to declare a state of planetary emergency. The point is not to admit defeat, but to match the risk with the necessary action to protect the global commons for our own future.” 

Professor Johan Rockstrom, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research



“Those with the privilege to know, have a duty to act.”

~ Albert Einstein ~




SURREY POLICE - Dealing with Insulate Britain protests on the M25 in Surrey cost the county's police force about £110,000.

Activists began a wave of protests two months ago, blocking the M25, roads in London and elsewhere in the UK.

A Freedom of Information request by the Local Democracy Reporting Service found Surrey Police staff worked about 4,221 overtime hours handling protests.

The group want the government to tackle the climate crisis faster by insulating homes and cutting emissions.

A spokesperson for Surrey Police said the protests were "largely managed through overtime to avoid depleting the normal police response teams".

The force added it could not produce "full costs for investigating and producing case files for those arrested and prosecuted".

Across four days of protests on Surrey's motorways, 130 people were arrested on suspicion of offences including obstructing a highway, criminal damage and conspiracy to cause danger to road users.

A spokesperson for Surrey Police said: "We are continuing to collate all the evidence, including witness statements and CCTV footage, as part of our ongoing investigation."
















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