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Youth climate crisis conference 12th June 2021



YOUTH IN ACTION - A conference organised and run by the UNA O&C Youth Council, featuring speakers from around the world, all working together to exchange project ideas and thought on how to make a difference in the run up to COP26, in Scotland, November 2021.





The 'climate' big deal in 2021 is COP 26, postponed from 2020, but looking like it might get to go-ahead in November this year. Fingers crossed.


If we don't act now to curb climate change we can kiss goodbye to the planet as we know it. That is what the scientific community has been warning us about for years. But, our leaders are still not listening.


This prompted yet more protests in London in August and September 2020 from Extinction Rebellion - and who can blame them after COP-OUT25. Here's hoping for something better in November 2021. But that is a long way off where we have just 10 years to try and reverse the trend. There will be 9 years remaining after that event - and we all know how slow to react the UN is!






UP S--T CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLE - Seven billion people are being governed by politicians without the will to implement solutions. Look to your local authority and you will see that it is business as usual. Floods! What floods? It's not our fault. Yes dear councillor, it is. And it's the Prime Minister's fault for letting you get away with it. Sadly, in the UK, Boris and his band of merry men are in favour of climate unfriendly housing. On the flip side of the coin, the Cabinet appear to be in favour of zero emission motoring - and even shipping.


What is happening local to you is happening all over the world. Very little. No change at all on UK housing policy, just a bit of lip service to get themselves re-elected.


Covid 19 lockdowns are a good example of the limitations we should be imposing to tackle climate change. Only the bare necessities.




Politicians are more worried about economic growth, but continuous growth is suicide when you only have one planet to provide food for a blossoming population. We cannot continue to grow economies where the planet (land and sea) have already over-reached sustainable capacity. We reached the safe limits for exploitation of Earth using fossil fuels many years ago. Hence, the rise in global temperature continues unchecked because of lunatic empire builders and oil cartels, all betting on continued reliance on fossil fuels, with cooperation from corrupt politicians, bought with party contributions, allegedly!



A gold certiicate worth $100 dollars in coin



Oil megalomaniacs are living in denial. Banks are peddling fake money the planet cannot afford, based on promises they cannot keep. At least when we had the gold standard, countries had tangible limits. No gold, no paper money. Gold coins were "repayable to the bearer on demand." We need a $Food Dollar, to replace the gold of old.


We must do all in our power to retrace our footsteps to reduce atmospheric and ocean temperatures. We need more trees, zero carbon cars, zero carbon shipping and sustainable homes - meaning economic restructuring of planet earth and politicians who understand about good housekeeping. No more promises of Wealth creation. We need Health creation. The Health of the Planet, for healthy humans.





The fact is that because we have left it so long, it may be too late to recover. Why? We may have reached the point of no return with so many species lost. WE ARE NEXT.


This is because our growing population needs feeding and to earn a living in a modern world that uses fossil fuels for just about everything - with several layers of financial burdens and then more taxes - adding to your carbon footprint. Even agriculture relies on diesel and fertilizers derived from fossil fuels.


That is why we are turning to the ocean to feed ourselves, and aquaculture - having drained our fisheries. Knowing this, we need to act now. NOT TOMORROW, RIGHT NOW.






SEPTEMBER FRIDAY 19th 2019 - As if anyone could be in any doubt, the whole world wants action on climate change. The strength of feeling is resonating around the world demanding that world leaders start doing something. The problem with a protest, is that it is soon forgotten, unless like Margaret Thatcher's Poll Tax Riots, it is a serious demonstration. Thatcher was forced to resign her reign of slave politics.







Since 1995 members of the United Nations have been playing politics rather than taking binding action to prevent warming of the planet, in the full knowledge that human use of fossil fuels was to blame. From local councils to international councils, the rot is set in. Our politicians are responsible for the deaths of millions of animals and hundreds of thousands of humans in not acting to control greenhouse gas build up.






MELT DOWN - There is no point declaring a climate emergency and continuing to build conventional housing like there is no tomorrow. That is what is happening in Britain at the moment - a Great British foul up!


Human activities are releasing nearly 10 Gegatons of Carbon (about 36 Billion tons of CO2) into the atmosphere every year, driving atmospheric CO2 concentrations to 400 parts per million (ppm) from their pre-industrial levels of 280 ppm. This increase in CO2 and other greenhouse gases concentrations traps additional energy in the earth's climate system.






Six suggested steps toward reversing global warming include building carbon neutral housing, driving clean cars and changing to renewable energy. The hardest change to make is political, concerning policies and policy making to ensure that local authorities stop empire building, thus increasing their carbon footprints. If all local councils act the same, which they do, they are to blame for the planet getting hotter. National leaders simply must take control of their countries, not allow the wishes of the people and future generations to be ignored.




There is no PLANET B








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