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ALTERNATIVE - Energy means being fuelled in ways that do not use up the earth's natural resources or otherwise harm the environment, especially by avoiding the use of fossil fuels or nuclear power.


The adverse effects of burning fossil fuels have left us in dire need of an alternative. We must help those blinded by kleptocratic policies to stop killing species and melting our ice caps. This realization leaves us in the middle of an energy crisis, where red flag policies and politicians would prefer to see out their days with fatter pensions from milking oil, gas and nuclear reactors that are equally dangerous in terms of the health of humans.



Alternative energy in modern parlance means looking for ways to depart from oil, coal and wood burning, the fossil fuels that humans have become so addicted to since the industrial revolution, that they think this is natural. (Wood is not a fossil fuel, but is still harmful when burned because it releases the CO2 that was captured in it.)


The sun was and is the original power source for all life on earth. We must learn to use it like our ancestors to cleanse the earth of the toxins that the burning of fossil fuels is causing, such as particulates from diesel engines and coal fired generating stations that cause lung cancer.


The most natural ways of capturing energy from the sun is converting the light that shines on us and the convection winds that distribute warm air from equatorial regions that are hottest, to the Arctic and Antarctic regions that are coolest. Another less practical (or more costly) way is using ocean currents and waves. Hydroelectricity is a practical way of harnessing water energy.


If we can manage to detoxify our thinking from fossil to renewable, we will have reached a sustainable equilibrium. This is our goal. In our view it should be the aim of every Government in the world.



The sun shines on earth to provide infinite energy for life


A fantastic sight that happens all around the world every morning. Sunrise heralds the beginning of each new day. We can count our lucky stars that we have this one to power life on earth.


In many ways energy is the currency of our Universe, from single celled organisms swimming in primordial pools, to colonies of Meerkats on the African savannah, to sprawling cities like New York, Sydney, or Beijing.


At the dawn of the first millennium AD, global population was a mere 150-200 million people, reaching 300 million by the year 1000 AD. By the dawn of the Industrial Revolution (mid 1700s), fossil fuels had powered the rapid advancement and expansion of human civilization, reaching a population of 1 billion by 1800. We are now at 7 billion, projected to reach 9 billion by 2050.




In the short term we are reliant on fossil fuels to take us into a sustainable age where a circular economy is recognized as essential to harmonious living. Long-term measures to increase energy security center on reducing dependence on any one source of imported energy, increasing the number of suppliers, exploiting native fossil fuel or renewable energy resources, and reducing overall demand through energy conservation measures.


We might also enter into international agreements to undermine fossil fuel energy trading monopolies and assure that everyone has the right to cheap and clean renewable energy, with the need to transport imports.




Meeting the world's needs for electricity, heating, cooling, and power for transport in a sustainable way is widely considered to be one of the greatest challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. Worldwide, nearly a billion people lack access to electricity, and around 3 billion people rely on smoky fuels such as wood, charcoal or animal dung in order to cook. These and fossil fuels are a major contributor to air pollution, which causes an estimated 7 million deaths per year. Production and consumption of energy emits over 70% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. 



Alternative energy is any energy source that is an alternative to fossil fuel. These alternatives are intended to address concerns about such fossil fuels. The nature of what constitutes an alternative energy source has changed considerably over time, as have controversies regarding energy use.


Today, because of the variety of energy choices and differing goals of their advocates, defining some energy types as "alternative" is highly controversial. In a general sense, alternative energy as it is currently conceived, is that which is produced or recovered without the undesirable consequences inherent in fossil fuel use, particularly high carbon dioxide emissions, an important factor in global warming.


Those who held the power and wealth should consider re-investing in alternatives as they head towards the sustainable economics of zero growth.




DAMN - The original form of renewable energy was to capture water with large concrete dams in rivers, then to feed the water in controlled fashion through a turbine linked to a generator to produce electricity. What a superb idea. The only problem with this is that there are not enough suitable locations around the world to provide energy for all. Whereas, solar and wind energy may combine with hydroelectricity to give us all the power we need.



The deployment of renewable energy technologies increases the diversity of electricity sources and contributes to the flexibility of an international infrastructure system and its resistance to central shocks, especially where off-grid installations are widely deployed, but can be grid connected.


It is likely to be that at some point in the future we will no longer need power stations that run on coal, oil or nuclear fuels. We will have dragged ourselves out of the fossil fuel cesspit and taken power generation from the fortunate few who profit from geological deposits, to the masses who only need a space to mount the harvesting medium for energy independence.


For those countries whose reliance on imported gas is a significant energy security issue, renewable technologies can provide a level playing field.

As the fossil resources that have been so crucial to human advancement start declining in numbers, countries will be glad that they changed over to renewable energy.




FROM SPACE EXPLORATION TO ZERO EMISSIONS - Developed to power satellites and spacecraft, the silicon solar panel is now a cost effective way of generating clean electricity. Ideal sites for the location of solar farms is land that cannot be used for farming, such as the deserts we have created.












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